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Eric Grant MMA Fighter
Eric Grant MMA FighterEric Grant MMA FighterEric Grant MMA Fighter
Eric Grant MMA Fighter

Biography of Eric "THEE ANTIDOTE" Grant

Introducing Eric Grant - MMA Fighter

Eric Grant Olathe WrestlerEric's involvement in Sports Fighting started when he was a youngster at Olathe North High School living in Kansas. Having tried several different sports in the physical education classes, it was wrestling that Eric found most interesting and suitable to his liking to pursue. He really enjoyed the challenge of athletic competition and was soon wrestling at the top of his game in his grade classes. Eric continued to wrestle throughout high school and by the time he graduated in 2009, he was State recognized in several wrestling competition events in Kansas, most notably was placing 5th in the Class 6A State Tournament in 2008.

Wrestling was the stepping stone Eric needed to consider the Fighting Sport of MMA. When he received a phone call from his Uncle Tyson asking if he wanted to do an Amateur fight, Eric was interested yet unsure what the MMA was and had zero training in the sport. He gladly accepted his Uncle's proposal and to Eric's surprise he won his first Blue Corner Battle at Harrah's Casino in Kansas at the age of 18, knocking out (KO) a 29 year old man in 48 seconds in the 1st round. His training with Olathe All Star Wrestling with trainer Rolando had really helped Eric apply his wrestling skills in this newly introduced sport!

This was a true incentive for Eric, winning his first match in the MMA world, to delve into a fighting career. The fight drove him to learn more about the sport and he started training exclusively to attain the physical fitness needed to contend in the MMA Arena. He trained at a small dojo in Olathe learning the Praying Mantis Kung Fu system and later expanded his training with the American Top Team with trainers Jason Hide and LC Davis. Eric continued to learn more disciplines such as Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) incorporating Striking, Judo, and Karate along with learning Freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling styles.

Eric Grant MMA FighterContinuing on as an newcomer in the Amateur arena, Eric escalated to 4 wins attaining his first Title Championship Belt for 155lb Lightweight. After the champion win, Eric was even more enthused and continued on to win 4 more Title Championship Belts with one being the ISCF Amateur United States Lightweight Champion. Eric loss some notable fights also and recognized that experience is key and patience is a virtue as they impacted his psyche to make him think twice about his attitude, training, and cage fighting traits. Altogether, Eric succeeded in a 20-4 Amateur record with 9 wins unreported. His record is proof of his athletic excellence and loyalty to the sport! Visit the History page to view some of Thee Antidote's recorded fights.

Eric then readied himself even more professionally, making adjustments, more commitment, and stepping up his training techniques and regimen. He decided to turn Pro in taking on a professional Muay Thai Kickboxing match against the #1 Pro in Kansas to test himself before his first professional MMA fight. Eric learned really quick not to take a fight against someone in a field you have no experience in. This professional debut of Eric "Thee Antidote" Grant marked the start of his MMA career.

Although there were trials and tribulations to turning Pro, Eric has always endured whatever is needed to be done for committed success to his MMA career. Eric took on his first Professional MMA fight in Kansas and after that loss realized that alcohol was not helping his career so he decided to turn into a vegetarian and eliminate alcohol for a year before taking on his next MMA fight. Eric's 2nd MMA fight, which was a win, is credited to his alcohol free and vegetarian lifestyle along with the nutritional Le-vel system impacting his ongoing continued success. Training and regimen workouts are at the top of his list to be at his best athletically and to maintain a healthy fighting attitude to continue his MMA career that he is so genuinely passionate about.

Shortly thereafter, Eric had his 3rd MMA fight against a Gracie Beretta black belt in Jiu-Jitsu whereby Eric was slated to win by less than a 1% margin. Fortunately, Eric's years of experience prevailed! This was his biggest Fight Card yet and he won the fight in round 1 at 3:08 with a rear naked choke submission. Since January 15th 2016, the day of that fight, Eric has been trying to get fights with 4 Fighters backing out or being overweight. This is an indication to Eric that he is doing something right!

Eric Grant Jui Jitsu FighterEric always speaks highly of his Mentors that carried him through to the present. He knows how blessed he is to have had such kind and caring teachers and trainers who shared their expertise resulting in his success. Their encouragement has helped in Eric's drive and determination to be dedicated in commitment to a Fighting Sports Career. He highly appreciates all his Mentors for raising his confidence and giving him unconditional support throughout the years. Eric has never forgotten his high school coach Eric Deyoe, who was a pillar of strength and motivated him every day to do his best.

Currently, Eric has signed on with Jackon's MMA out of Pueblo Colorado and is appreciating all their fostering help toward shaping his career. Within 2 weeks of teaming up with Jackson's gym Eric's new trainers Jeremy Garcia, Prentice Ingram, and Josh Childress lined him up with Colorado's state tournament for Brazillian Jui Jitsu & Submission Grappling whereby Eric won the Silver Fight Medal. Eric says "life is truly amazing and I appreciate one day at a time!".

Eric continually trains and has improved his physique immensely over the years. He is always ready for a fight and welcomes the challenge of a great match-up. Eric understands that his integrity and commitment to be the best he can be will ultimately lead him to MMA success and fulfill his passion in teaming up with the UFC one day. He also appreciates the great support from so many enthusiastic fans, followers, friends, and family and wants to be sure to give them the MMA Fighter they deserve!

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"Motivation comes from the first 2 things you learn to do in life, breathe and open your eyes.
Then you begin to see life evolving and changing in many ways whether for better or worse.
By never giving up on anything in life that you've started and to complete success becomes a
mirror to others reflecting into many lives. Never give up in the defeat of your passion,
for those who continue the basics of life and respect all as equals are leaders."

- Eric "Thee Antidote" Grant, MMA Pro Fighter -

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